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Hardware, software, and services as a subscription

Implementing, managing, and maintaining the IT infrastructure, including the entire ecosystem of equipment and software, is a significant cost for most organisations.

Research shows that a quarter of companies are interested in switching to an ‘as-a-Service’ model with pay-as-you-go for hardware. A major attraction here is the shift in the budget from investments (Capex or Capital Expenditure) to operational costs (Opex or Operational Expenditure). At the same time, the workload is reduced for IT departments as well as for purchasing and management.

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Transform the way you sell by creating a predictable, service-led revenue stream with Tech-as-a-Service

TD SYNNEX Tech-as-a-Service platform allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into a single solution for your customers. This allows them to optimise their IT budget while gaining access to the latest technologies.

TaaS reduces the financial burden on IT budgets because you know exactly what to pay per period for hardware, software, and services. This way, the threshold to new technologies and equipment is lowered and an organisation can deal with its IT infrastructure in a flexible, scalable manner.

Our programme helps you to move your customers away from large capital investments. Instead, they can enjoy technology, training, services and maintenance through one low-cost, monthly Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan.


By 2020, 75% of employees in organisations will be millennials or younger. This group grew up with ‘as-a-Service’ and believe that having up-to-date technology is of great value.

Asset leasing increased by 20% in 2018.

By 2020, approx. 40% of companies are expected to transfer to an ‘as-a-Service’ model.

The renewal period for PCs will be reduced by approx. 6 months when using an ‘as-a-Service’ model.

What are the business benefits?


Tech-as-a-Service will differentiate your business in an overcrowded market. It will empower you to meet your customer’s IT and budget requirements, so you can always deliver an exceptional service.


You can increase your margins and create a predictable, service-oriented revenue stream. This allows a sustainable relationship to be built up with the client. Implementation, training courses, and other services can also be included in Tech-as-a-Service.

Recurring business

Since the products and services are managed under a single contract, it becomes easier to to make follow-up appointments and to renew and upgrade your clients’ solutions more often.


TaaS achieves turnover potential because the end client’s expenditure shifts to operational costs.


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How does Tech-as-a-Service work?

TD SYNNEX’s Tech-as-a-Service is available to all our resellers. Once several conditions have been met and a contract has been signed with our partner DLL, you can join the Tech-as-a-Service programme and access the TaaS Portal through InTouch, where you can conclude any number of subscriptions. You can do this by logging into your existing account on the TD SYNNEX InTouch platform. You can draw up a quotation here. Select the desired products and choose ‘generate quotation’. Fill in the end client’s details and send the quotation.

As soon as the client accepts the quotation:

Complete the data and convert it into a subscription.

This activates the connection with the bank that performs a real-time credit check.

After approval, the end-user contracts can be downloaded and you can send them to the client.

Then you place an order using InTouch.

You then deliver the equipment and send the invoice to DLL/the financer.

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Cédric Standaert
Services Manager

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